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Image by Markus Winkler

are the worst

with a stand-up comedian

and a female safari guide

Destressari - Safari meets Comedy

Demotivational week ;-) // "Goals are the worst"

Are you ready to spend a week à la french living in a freaking castle in Vichy, France with THE stand-up comedian Benjamin Delahaye and THE female Safari Guide Isabelle Tschugmall?

Why this combination?

On the discovery of humour, sarcasm and goal setting in life, we are on the safari of life this week.

On safari, clients are often out of their comfort zone, vulnerable and experiencing a change of perspective. It is precisely this experience that we will look at in a humorous way also in the field of comedy. It's all about getting to the bottom of the topic "Goals are the worst". 

How to go on a french safari? We are discovering not just new areas out of your comfort zone, we also go on a journey to understand more of our basic instincts, our senses and will be out in nature.

With all this social pressure, how much further has man really developed than animals? 

How do humans function in living together with others and what can we learn from the animals?

What do the senses have to do with comedy and goal setting?

Well, come on this demotivational week and explore the unknown... and start to give not too much about goals and stress anymore... welcome on the destressari! La vie est belle...

Go to your limits and beyond! Enjoy this torturing in a classic French style and taste the French life to the fullest.

You will be supported by an authentic, cynical Frenchman and a proper bush woman.

In a nutshell:

  • Demotivational week the french way

  • Combination of Safari & Comedy

  • The whole week is under the topic "Goals are the worst" with a proper female Safari Guide

  • The workshops are led by a real (uuu) stand-up comedian

In a bigger nutshell:

  • One week in Mini-Versaille (Château de Busset)

  • 6 nights all inclusive

  • Professional management of experts and processed information

  • Seminar-Workshops

  • Discovery trips also in the nature and excursions in the region

  • All inclusive

  • Group size up to 10 persons

What the ... 
are the exavt topics?

Keynote speech of Ben: “Goals are the Worst”.


Don’t let goal-setting lead you on a path of disappointment, stress or even burnout. I get it, you still want to have goals. Fine, have them. But taking your goals too seriously is actually counter productive. Change your mindset towards goals and witness how you achieve so much more than you ever did before, have fun in the process and feel more confident about yourself. All it takes to look at your goals more lightly is a sense of humour. Start liberating yourself on day 1 with “Goals are the Worst”.

Keynote speech of Isa: “Simplicity - from the financial dschungel to the african bush"

...from the simple decision to buy a book, to the effective decision to turn your whole life upside down just like that and have other life goals.

Isa talks about her challenges and goals ;-) as a female safari guide and life in the African bush.
A rediscovery of basic trust, a journey back to nature and the appreciation of simplicity.

A story full of impressive pictures, adventurous anecdotes and lasting experiences as a female safari guide and new goal setting.

Your past failures

Failure hurts, especially if you are ambitious. Some particularly bad ones still sting years later and haunt you: you would do anything you can to avoid their memories.
Sorry, but remembering them is exactly what we’re going to do on day 2. This is an essential second step of your liberation. The point of day 2 is for you to witness that many other people experience failure, to forgive yourself and play an alternate scenario of how you would react today should this happen to you again.

We will also go on some activities outdoor, explore being out of comfort zone & vulnerable and start reconnecting also with nature and learn of it.

A fresh look at your to-do list

Now it’s time to take a new fresh look at your goals, your projects and your todo list. It’s time to build your future but keep a healthy distance with your plans. We apply all the lessons from the first two days and workshop together to build a daily practice and a weekly plan to work towards your goals. Knowing what you know now, how do you decide to look at your goals going forward?

Let's go out into nature and explore new stuff, looking for tracks, hidden tracks and start to understand the circle of life.

Day 1

Day 3

Day 2

Creativity and trust exercise

In every type of goal, there will be moments where you will need creativity to progress further. The 4th day is dedicated specifically to creativity and innovation. Every person knows how to be creative as a child, but we lose this skill when becoming an adult. This day is to help you reconnect with this lost skill. We will start with creativity and trust exercises used by the best improvisers and we will work on a demanding and very creative project individually and in small groups.

What are basic instincts and how can we explore them again and integrate them in our daily life? Let's discover life with all our senses!

Go beyond!
The stand-up comedy experience

Live the “Stand-Up Experience” as the grand finale of your destressari. Can you apply the detachment from the outcome of your goals into this exercise? We will put together the production of a stand up comedy show (just for us, don’t worry) where you will really have to apply all the lessons from the week. When you are able to let go and relax, you really become your best self; people love being around you and give you what you desire.

Arrival with your own car or a car (separate surcharge)

Day 4

Arrival &


Day 5

Excuse-moi - I heard Castle...?

Ben Delahaye


I do standup gigs all around Switzerland and Europe.

I love energizing a room, sharing knowledge and motivating people.


I am a strong believer in delivering outstanding results in a fun and playful environment.

I will start dieting on Monday.



Ben Delahaye.jpg

Isa Tschugmall

I go through life with a smile and live according to the motto "Why to fit in, when you can stick out".

I am a Safari Guide and Safari Entrepreneur in Botswana, Namibia & South Africa.

Writing texts and playing with words is another passion.


I practice entrepreneurship and marketing by heart and soul.

In nature I always find myself and discover the motivation to meet myself outside my comfort zone.



Parfait... let's go:

Sunday 18.10. - Saturday 24.10.2020

Let's get to the point:


  • Workshop documents

  • Lead by French and African experts

  • Overnights in a freaking castle

  • Yummy food and tasty french wine and drinks

  • Transport to get to and from venue

  • Surprise package

  • Deeply relaxed and new perspectives of goals

  • Event Insurance


  • Arrival

  • More drinks at the bar

  • Travel insurance (clients)

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