If you only think of the beautiful beaches on Portugal’s Atlantic coastline, you will miss the best beaches. In the north there are unique natural parks, world-class wines, fashionable metropolises and fabulous dream beaches! Northern Portugal includes the area between the city of Guarda and Rio Minho, which borders with Spain.


Porto is a coastal city in the northwest of Portugal, known for its stately bridges and wine production. In medieval Ribeira (on the river), narrow cobblestone streets wind past merchants' houses and cafés. The church of San Francisco is famous for its luxurious baroque interior, which is decorated with elaborate gilded carvings. The magnificent Palácio de Bolsa (formerly a stock exchange) was founded in the 19th century to impress potential European investors.



The Peneda Gerês National Park (also known as Gerês) is the only national park in Portugal located in areas such as Viana do Castelo, Braga and Vila Real. Out of interest in national and international science, the organisation was founded on 8 May 1971 to protect soil, water, plants, animals, vegetation and landscapes, while preserving their value for the available human and natural resources. Education and tourism are also objectives of the park.



Viseu is a regional economic hub with a strong wine industry and as the seat of international conglomerate Visabeira. Similarly, the city is a center for culture, as the home of the nationally acclaimed Grão Vasco Museum and as seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Viseu. Viseu serves a regional education core, with campuses from various national universities represented, such as the Catholic University of Portugal.



The river Douro is one of the most important rivers of the Iberian Peninsula. It flows from its source near Duruelo de la Sierra in the province of Soria through north-central Spain and Portugal and ends in the Atlantic Ocean in Porto.


Serra da Estrela

The Serra da Estrela (Serra da Estrela) is the highest mountain on the Portuguese mainland. Together with Serra da Lousã it is the westernmost point of Sistema Central and one of the highest parts of the system. It is the highest point on the Portuguese mainland at 1,993 metres above sea level.


Linhares da Beira

Linhares da Beira (Linhares da Beira) is located on the western slope of the Serra da Estrela mountains, originally a fortress of the Lusitania mountains. In fact, Montes Hermínios (the Lusitanian name for the Estrela Mountains) and its pastures, water-rich springs and mountain reserves are one of the areas where this Iberian tribe lives, and many Portuguese believe that they are descended from it.