An inimitable Indian Ocean island, off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar is the quintessential destination that affords superlative historical, cultural, exploratory and eco-tourism beach experiences in East Africa. It seems to have everything that any like-minded sightseer might look for. It has a distinct, ethnical history that is a remarkable amalgamation of the many travellers that passed through it for centuries. Think Zanzibar and you cannot help but ponder of the virgin beaches with their unspoilt, pristine white sands, the scintillating turquoise blue of the Indian Ocean and the lush tropical vegetation that create a spell of beauty and tranquillity. Even as alluring is the captivating marine life flourishing under the tepid waters of the ocean or the fauna of the Jozani Forest Reserve with its red colobus monkey denizens and many more. Visit Zanzibar with African Mecca and revel in the realm of splendour and serenity as you explore it along with the other islands of this breathtakingly dazzling archipelago.

Stone Town is the capital of the island of Zanzibar and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Walkthrough its narrow labyrinth alleyways while on your Swahili cultural tour and you will see why. This ancient metropolis has preserved traces of most historical events that occurred in it. The Anglican and Catholic churches remind you of the colonial advent on the island while the mosques, Omani palaces, the old fort and cannons talk to you of the yesteryear Sultan’s statehood presence. The intricately carved doors and latticed windows bring to mind the Swahili essence of the island while the fresh spices selling in the stalls talk of the island's ancient significance on the spice route. Zanzibar’s Stone Town has preserved most of its wonders and fiercely clings to the tranquil, laid-back pace of everyday life. Even today, you will find old men drinking kahawa (coffee) on the town squares baraza while kids play around happily along the alleys and around the gardens of Forodhani. 

As you will appreciate when travelling in Zanzibar, it is not a single island, but an archipelago made up of many small and large islands. Some of the smaller islands are actually ancient coral formations over which vegetation has formed a green cover and now house many unique creatures. But it is the underwater marine realm that is captivatingly beautiful. As you slip into the warmish waters, you will enter a paradise illuminated only by the sunshine filtering down. It lights up the many hues of the living coral and the multi-coloured diversity of pelagic, demersal and coral fish denizens. There are both shallow and deep sites you can explore, and that makes these reefs ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving around Zanzibar sites.