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Our tours or trips are put together with attention to detail.

When choosing the locations, we make sure that a unique experience can arise, outside of mass tourism. We would like to show you the pearls of the respective regions and let you participate in local life.


We are convinced that people, animals and the environment should be considered as a whole - this should be reflected in our trips. Become part of more.

In addition to our safari company, we are also actively involved in local village life with social projects such as Female Empowerment (www.thesmallvillage.org) and job creation.

The story of how it all began can be found here: www.sukarisafari.com


in one word



I am Isabelle Tschugmall, 30 years old and from Switzerland.


After ten years in the financial jungle, I switched to the African bush. I am a trained Nature Guide & Trails Guide and responsible for Sales & Marketing.

In addition to the bush life, my heart blooms with music and lyrics (blog www.yishainthemiddle.com) and I am an entrepreneur with my heart and soul.

in one word "unique"



I am Sofie Moens, 39 years old and originally from Belgium.

I have been living in Cape Town for 12 years now. I am a trained nature guide and responsible for booking the tours.


In my free time I like to go triathlon and spoil myself with good food and wine.

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  • Facebook - Grau Kreis
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  • LinkedIn - Grau Kreis

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In Setswana (national language of Botswana), lerato means: love.

Our love for travel and the African bush originated in Botswana.

Our attention to detail is reflected in the logo by the small heart in the letter R.

Our colors of the logo are also chosen in the national colors of Botswana.

We like to carry the adventures of wild nature out into the world.

Travel the world with us wholeheartedly.


We want to offer trips in a mindful and conservative approach. The integration of cultural issues and local employees is very important to us.

The tours are planned and implemented with great attention to detail so that you can discover and travel the world with all your heart.


  • A tour with Lerato Adventures covers the different facets of life, nature and the people on site. You become part of more and travel the world with all your heart.

  • For the providers, sustainability, fairness and a sense of individuality are taken into account - discovery without a guilty conscience.

  • Every year we donate a percentage of our profits to NPO
    The Small Village Botswana” to help women in Botswana.


  • Personal: We respond individually to the wishes of our customers and maintain personal contact with them.

  • Honesty: We pay attention to honest communication and create transparency. This is also taken into account when selecting and declaring suppliers and products etc.

  • Responsibility: We deal responsibly with our contact groups and are aware of our responsibility towards our daily environment internally and externally.

  • Fairness: We treat EVERYONE fairly and as equal This should always be reflected in our activities and decisions.

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