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About Lerato Adventures

Established in 2019, Lerato Adventures is a premier safari company dedicated to providing unforgettable safari experiences in Africa. We specialize in tailor-made wilderness safaris of any kind and desire, ensuring that every moment of your adventure is crafted to perfection.


In Setswana (national language of Botswana), lerato means: love.

Our love for travel and the African bush originated in Botswana.

Our attention to detail is reflected in the logo by the small heart in the letter R.

Our colours of the logo are also chosen in the national colours of Botswana.

We like to carry the adventures of wild nature out into the world.

Travel the world with us wholeheartedly.

Our Vision

We want to offer trips in a mindful and conservative approach. The integration of cultural issues and local employees is very important to us.

The tours are planned and implemented with great attention to detail so that you can discover and travel the world with all your heart.

Our Mission

At Lerato Adventures, our mission is to create personalized safaris that cater to your personal desires and immerse you in the natural wonders of Africa. We are passionate about sharing our lifelong experience and love for safaris, guiding you through breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and cultural encounters.

  • A tour with Lerato Adventures covers the different facets of life, nature and the people on site. You become part of more and travel the world with all your heart.

  • For the providers, sustainability, fairness and a sense of individuality are taken into account – discovery without a guilty conscience.

  • Every year we donate a percentage of our profits to the NPO «The Small Village Botswana»  to help women in Botswana.

Our Values

  • Personal: We respond individually to the wishes of our customers and maintain personal contact with them.

  • Honesty: We pay attention to honest communication and create transparency. This is also taken into account when selecting and declaring suppliers and products etc.

  • Responsibility: We deal responsibly with our contact groups and are aware of our responsibility towards our daily environment internally and externally.

  • Fairness: We treat EVERYONE fairly and as equal. This should always be reflected in our activities and decisions.

Lerato Adventures – Heart Logo
Lerato Adventures – Empowering women in Botswana to care for themselves

Who We Are

We are a female founded tour operator company based in Botswana and South Africa with an office in Switzerland. Founders, Sofie Marais-Moens and Isabelle Tschugmall met each other in Botswana while taking part in a safari guide training program. We realised we shared a common interest and both wanted to create a safari company with attention to detail.


Experienced Guides and Multilingual Service

Our knowledgeable team and experienced guides are committed to delivering exceptional service throughout your safari journey. To ensure clear communication and a comfortable experience, our guides are proficient in five different languages, including French, English, Swiss German, German, and Dutch. We take pride in guiding you in your home language, ensuring a deeper connection with the wilderness, language will never be a barrier.

Contribution to Conservation

Lerato Adventures believes in giving back to the communities and protecting the natural heritage we are privileged to witness. We are proud to support The Small Village Botswana, a local non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and the upliftment of local communities by empowering women in Botswana. By choosing us, you contribute to these important conservation efforts as well.

Meet Our Team

Lerato Adventures – The founders of the company Sofie and Isa

How it all started

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