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Lerato Adventures – Safari preparations and personalisations

Preparation and Personalisation

To ensure your safari experience is seamless, we go above and beyond to prepare you for your adventure. Our team provides comprehensive pre-trip information, ensuring you are well-equipped and informed about your destination, necessary preparations, and what to expect during your safari. We strive to make your journey with us as comfortable and stress-free as possible.


Lerato Adventures – Contact us to start your safari planing

Everything starts with you contacting us! Whether or not you already know where you want to go or what your safari should entail doesn't matter. We will work with what we get. For starters it is good to know how long you want to travel and how much you want to spend on your safari – the rest we will work out together.

2. tailor-made offer

Lerato Adventures – Tailor-made offer for your Safari

After our first proper «meeting» (mostly phone call), the team will get right on with working on an offer for you – completely non-binding. We pride ourselves in spending a lot of attention to customers wishes that we will re-do an offer as many times as needed to get exactly what you want and only when you accept the offer do we start charging. There are no hidden costs with Lerato Adventures.

3. booking

Lerato Adventures – Booking of your tailor-made safari

You are happy with the offer we sent you? Fantastic! As soon as the initial deposit is paid, we will secure all bookings (accommodations, activities, domestic/local flights, even long-haul flights if you want) so there are no unwanted surprises. You can sit back and relax – we will organise everything for you from a booking perspective.

4. pre-safari documentation

Lerato Adventures – Pre-safari documents and information for your preparation

Now that you have booked – the excitement and sometimes worry starts. What do I need? Where am I going? And more questions might pop up! We will be in contact with you every step of the way and ready to answer any questions you have. One of our services includes a variety of documents and brochures that you will receive that include many useful tips, lists and other helpful content. We got you! All you need to do is be excited and let us answer your queries.

5. support while on safari

Lerato Adventures – While on safari we are here for you

Whether you are on a self-drive adventure or on Safari with one of our guides, we are right there with you. Our dedicated team will make sure that everything runs smoothly and should there be any hiccups, they will be tended to immediately so you can enjoy your trip without having to worry. If you booked a Safari that has one of us as a guide accompany you then you will be in capable hands anyway.

6. after safari comfort

Lerato Adventures – After Safari comfort

The Safari is over and you are sad? We understand and are here for you! Now is the time to go through your pictures and reminisce about that time around the fire … or any other unforgettable moment you experienced. 

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