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Lerato Adventures – Tailor-made wilderness Safaris

Tailor-Made Wilderness Safaris

Established in 2019, Lerato Adventures is a premier safari company dedicated to providing unforgettable safari experiences in Eastern and Southern Africa. We specialize in tailor-made wilderness safaris of any kind and desire, ensuring that every moment of your adventure is crafted to perfection.


Embark on a journey filled with adventure and discovery as you explore the untamed beauty of Africa with Lerato Adventures. We offer a wide range of activities tailored to your preferences, including game drives, mesmerizing walks, serene boat cruises, splendid hot air balloon rides, and more. Whatever your heart desires, we are here to make it a reality.

Safari – a Journey to happiness

Accommodation Types  |  Activity Types

«Safari» is a Swahili word and means «journey». It is originally from the Arabic noun safar, meaning «journey», «travel», or «tour».

For us at Lerato Adventures, it means even more than just journey. It stands for discovering new places, find hidden gems, learn about different cultures, experience breathtaking wildlife, marvel at natural wonders and above all – live every moment wholeheartedly.

Depending on your wishes and interests, a Safari can focus on different things, or be very specific.

Birding Safari
If you are a keen birder, we offer birding safaris with a bird specialist who can help you find your feathered friends. A birding safari will not only help you increase your personal bird list, but you will also learn how to identify and find birds for yourself. Our specialist birders will share their passion and knowledge with you at every opportunity. A lot of time will be spent sighting, waiting and listening for the smallest call coming from within a thick bush. Expect to be up early for the morning chorus and out late for the evening chorus.

Photography Safari
With Lerato Adventures you can book a photography safari, where we will have a photographer go on safari with you and help you take the best possible photos. They will teach you how to make the most of your camera and cherish those amazing memories for a lifetime.

Most of our Safaris combine wildlife and culture and ALL of our tours are put together WITH you.

Lerato Adventures – Swallow-tailed bee eater on a birding safari
Lerato Adventures – Sunset in Damaraland, Namibia on a photography safari

Accommodation types

Depending on the country or countries you are travelling and the trip we put together for you, there are a variety of accommodation types that you might get to experience. Tented Camp, Boutique Hotel, Guesthouse … mostly it will be a mixture.

Here is a little introduction into the styles. Pictures and descriptions are supposed to give you an idea only and do not always reflect the actual accommodation in which you will stay. The type of accommodation that you will visit depends on many factors, such as budget, availability, country and of course your wishes!

Lerato Adventures – Lodge tented room

Tented camp/lodge

Tented Camps mostly offer either basic and/or luxury tents that are en-suite and have running water and electricity. Some haver an outdoor sitting platform and the tents usually offer great views.

Lerato Adventures – Kwapa en-suite tent

en-suite Meru tent

This type of tent is en-suite – each consisting of a pit toilet and bucket shower at the back. They are each equipped with 2 single beds and often used for temporary or simple camps.

Mobile Camping Lerato Adventures

Mobile camping

A mobile camp consists of en-suite tents, eating area with shade and camping kitchen that is set up temporarily for your group only. There will be a chef and camp assistants to look after you and of course your guide. Afterwards, it will be dismantled with no signs of human habitation left behind. A wild, authentic and ecologically friendly way to experience the bush.

Lerato Adventures – Dome Tent

DOme tent or similar

This type of tent for a maximum of 2 pax per tent is used when camping wild. The tents are basic and communal ablution are used (if available). A sleeping mat with sleeping bag makes up the bed.

Lerato Adventures – Okaukuejo rest camp

Rest camp

Rest camps are found within National Parks and anything between very basic with communal bathroom to luxury with incredible views. Rest camps are mostly fenced and run by the National Park itself.

Lerato Adventures – Desert Hills lodge


The word «lodge» is used for different kind of accommodations in the Safari world but we define it as accommodation that is more intimate and smaller than a Rest Camp and offers rooms that can be a rondavel, a hut, a house or cottage. Lodges are outside National Parks but can be within a private reserve or concession.

Lerato Adventures – Macaron guesthouse


A Guesthouse is or started as a private house with a variety of rooms. Sometimes it can be made out of different buildings. They are smaller and more intimate than a hotel and often run by the people that own the house.

Lerato Adventures – Treehouse boutique hotel

boutique hotel

A Boutique Hotel is a small, stylish hotel, often in a fashionable urban area and much smaller and more personal than a normal hotel.

Lerato Adventures – Hotel Mount Nelson


A Hotel is the biggest type of accommodation with usually a larger number of rooms and restaurant on site. They are found in cities and close to airports for convenience purposes as they offer more services than a smaller establishment.


Activity Types

Some places that you will visit on your Safari offer activities that you can book extra and most importantly – in advance! And certain activities might be included in your Safari already, but maybe you have a keen interest? From scenic flights to boat cruises and cultural village visits – Africa has a lot to offer.


Here is a list of activities that can be organised and booked especially for you if the area you are travelling in allows it. Certain activities like boat rides can be seasonal, whereas helicopter flights are all year around but location specific.

Scenic Flights with Fixed Wing Plane

Lerato Adventures – Chartered Scenic Flight

The planes for such flights are usually of the type Cessna or similar with a small carrying capacity of passenger, making it a very personal experience. Such planes need to take off and land on a more or less paved airstrip. Scenic Flights of this kind are especially popular over the Okavango Delta, Botswana, the Skeleton Coast and Sossusvlei in Namibia and over the Serengeti in Tanzania. This is a once in a lifetime experience and will leave you with unforgettable memories, whether you take pictures, videos or just simply take it all in with your eyes.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Lerato Adventures – Hot air balloon scenic ride

A hot air balloon flight is at a much slower, gentler pace than with plane or helicopter and the distance covered will be shorter but just as unforgettable. Various places offer such rides, for example Sossusvlei in Namibia, Pilanesberg in South Africa, and of course the famous ones over the Serengeti in Tanzania and the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Glide gently over the vast planes of these wonderful places and take in the incredible, unrestricted 360° views.

Boat Cruise / Boat Safari

Lerato Adventures – Boat Cruise

Swapping the vehicle for a boat can be a nice change of vessel and gives a different perspective onto the nature that surrounds you. There are different types of boat rides that can be booked depending on the location, from sunset and dinner cruises to boat safaris where the goal is to see animals. Some cruises can only be done when the water level allows it so enquire beforehand if your time of travel is the season for such an activity. On bigger rivers like the Zambezi or Chobe, boat cruises are done all year round and the boat sizes on these vary greatly.

Bush/Game Walk

Lerato Adventures – Bush Walk

Experience the African Bush on foot by booking a Bush Walk on your trip. You will leave the comfort of a vehicle behind and walk in a small group lead by professional guides through the wilderness on the lookout for small as well as big creatures. This is the perfect way to have a look at some of the smaller aspects that you might not see from a vehicle, such as tracks, insects, flowers, dung and much more as well as a possible encounter with a bigger animal on foot. On a walk all your senses are very important and with no engine fumes and motor sounds, the smells and sounds are 100% wild! This activity normally takes 3–4 hours depending on the level of fitness of the group and a minimum age of 12 years is usually required.

Cultural Village Visit / Cultural Interaction

Lerato Adventures – Cultural Village Visit

We at Lerato Adventures believe that it is important to integrate and work with the local communities and learn from them, eat with them and spend time with them. These moments spent in the presence of the very people that helped build up a village, a town or the tourism section can be live changing and eye opening. Have the men and women themselves explain to you how they live and manage their day-to-day life and what matters to them most. Eat their food and learn some words in their language to show respect and appreciation. Whenever possible we like to include a Cultural Activity to your trip

Scenic Flights with Helicopter

Lerato Adventures – Helicopter Scenic Flight

Helicopters for Scenic Flights vary in sizes and types, depending on where they take place. Due to the fact that Helicopters don't need a lot of space for landing/taking-off, they can be organised for more remote areas (provided there is a company offering flights). When flying over the Okavango Delta, the doors are taken off for an even more intense and unforgettable experience and a photographer's dream. Flying over the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, the pilot will make sure you get to see the falls from both sides and flies in different heights and loops over them. Scenic flights can also be done over the Serengeti, Tanzania and Maasai Mara, Kenya and are sure to guarantee an incredible view of these world-renowned Wildlife havens.

Sleepout under the stars

Sleepout under the stars – Lerato Adventures.jpg

For those that would like to ditch the comfort of walls and a roof, there are a variety of lodges throughout our safari destinations that offer a sleepout. Whether it is on a private sleepout deck, in a treehouse or on the ground in the Makgadikgadi salt pans. Each offers an unforgettable experience that will allow you to enjoy the African Bush in a different, more raw and unspoilt way. Listen to the sounds of the bush without any hindrance and fall asleep under the stunning African sky. Contact us if you are interested in a sleepout so we can plan the itinerary accordingly as this is an activity that is in high demand, weather and season dependant and only available in certain places.

Mokoro Ride

Lerato Adventures – Mokoro ride

Whenever your journey takes you to the Okavango Delta area, a mokoro ride is a must and unforgettable way of experiencing this pristine wilderness. Gliding quietly along the reed edges through narrow channels and passing open pools where you might see Hippos watching you is a fantastic way to see everything from a different angle! This is one of the most serene and beautiful ways of seeing the water channels of the Okavango that is filled with bird and aquatic life. Watch out for the tiny reed frogs and beautiful water lilies that you might pass. If the chance arises to try and manoeuvre a mokoro yourself, you should try it. 

night game drive

Lerato Adventures – Night Drive

Night Drives, although exciting and intriguing, can only be done at certain lodges and places due to the strict laws of National Parks of no driving between Sunset and Sunrise. If a place offers this activity, it is worth to join it to experience the bush at night. To spot something can be hard and in no way should you join this activity with high expectations of seeing big cats and the likes. There is a good chance you might see an owl, a bush baby and a genet! But the thrill of what might be hiding and suddenly appear walking on the road or cross the road in front of you is worth the time. You should join a Night Drive with the credo «high hopes – no expectations» and see every sighting as a bonus!

whale watching

Lerato Adventures – Whale Watching

From June to early December Whale Watching can be done along the Southern Coast of South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique. Especially in the Southwest of South Africa, from Cape Town along the Garden Route to Port Elizabeth, Whale Watching is prolific and can be done by boat and sometimes even from the coastline. It is the high numbers of Southern Right Whales that during this time come to the coast for breeding and calving purposes and are known to come extremely close which offers optimum viewing conditions.

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