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Lerato Adventures – Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe


Discover Zimbabwe, a land of extraordinary safaris where wildlife thrives amidst varied landscapes. Immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of miombo woodlands, ancient baobabs, and teak forests. Encounter lions, leopards, elephants, and buffalo roaming freely in Hwange National Park. Witness the captivating African pitta and the harmony of wildlife along the Zambezi River in Mana Pools National Park. Marvel at the magnificent Victoria Falls, where the Zambezi River cascades with thunderous power. Visit the beautiful Matobos National Park, home of the best protected Rhino population of the country as well as stunning ancient San rock art.


Safaris in Zimbabwe also offer cultural and historical treasures, complemented by warm hospitality and exquisite accommodation. Experience Africa's wilderness through captivating wildlife encounters and unforgettable adventures. Zimbabwe awaits, beckoning you to explore its wonders on an incredible safari journey.

Lerato Adventures – Zimbabwe



Welcome to Zimbabwe, a land of unparalleled beauty and captivating wildlife. Immerse yourself in the wonders of our safaris, where lush miombo woodlands, ancient baobabs, and teak forests set the stage for unforgettable encounters.

Embark on a journey through Hwange National Park, one of Africa's largest reserves, where lions, leopards, elephants, and buffalo roam freely across vast landscapes. Marvel at the beautiful and massive trees that speckle the area.

For a truly unique experience, venture to Mana Pools National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the Zambezi River, witness the dance of wildlife, from graceful elephants to prowling lions and the magnificent African pitta.

Enter the world of the Matobos granite hills of the Matobos National Park, where ancient rock art by the San can be seen. Track the rhinos of the park on foot with the help of their protectors and stop at «World View», for its view is truly spectacular.

Your safari adventure begins at Victoria Falls, where the mighty Zambezi River cascades into a thundering spectacle. Feel the mist on your skin as you take in the awe-inspiring grandeur of this natural wonder.

Beyond wildlife, Zimbabwe offers a rich tapestry of culture and history. Explore ancient ruins, engage with friendly communities, and discover the untold stories of their land.

Indulge in a range of accommodation types, from luxury lodges to intimate tented camps. Experience warm Zimbabwean hospitality and savour delectable cuisine, providing the perfect complement to your safari escapades.

Safaris in Zimbabwe are a gateway to the heart of Africa's wilderness. Come, be enchanted by the diverse wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and the spirit of adventure that awaits you here.

Lerato Adventures – Baboons playing in a park in Zimbabwe
Lerato Adventures – Baobab Tree in Zimbabwe

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Lerato Adventures – Lioness with her cubs in Hwange National Park Zimbabwe

hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is located in western Zimbabwe and is the country's largest national park, spanning an area of approximately 14'650km². Hwange has one of the largest elephant populations in Africa, with an estimated 40'000 elephants residing in the park. Other notable species found in Hwange include giraffes, zebras, cheetahs, lions, buffalos, wild dogs, leopards, and numerous antelope species. The park's landscape varies from grasslands and woodlands to rocky outcrops and semi-desert areas. It is characterized by the Kalahari sandveld in the south and mopane woodland in the north. The National Park is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts and offers various activities such as game drives, walking safaris, and bird watching. Visiting Hwange National Park provides a chance to witness the incredible biodiversity of Zimbabwe and experience the beauty of its natural surroundings.

Lerato Adventures – Elephant in Mana Pools National Park Zimbabwe

mana pools National Park

Mana Pools National Park is located in northern Zimbabwe, on the southern bank of the mighty Zambezi River, and will keep you enthralled with its beauty. In this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can see hippos, crocodiles, elephants and a variety of water birds, and there is a good chance of seeing lionesses hunting at waterholes where prey seems easy to capture. Mana Pools is a paradise for walking and canoeing safaris, with wildlife that will delight you at every turn. The landscapes are beautiful too, with acacia trees, whose shade is vital for the elephants in the park during the dry season, and a variety of plants. Far from any human settlement, you will enjoy the feeling of remoteness. You are surrounded only by extreme wilderness, and if you come in winter, you will find yourself in the midst of the highest concentration of wildlife in Africa. An experience that words cannot do justice to.

Lerato Adventures – Granite boulders in Matobos National Park Zimbabwe

Matobos national park

Rich in history and culture and spanning over 44'000 hectares, Matobo National Park is a spectacular site. The park is decorated by a range of unique granite formations. This majestic and rugged terrain is a hiker’s paradise and the diversity of the vegetation supports a wide range of wildlife. Bushmen 2'000 years ago left brilliantly-preserved rock paintings and a valuable collection of rock art, which can be seen on the cave walls. Our favourite aspect of Matobo, however, is the Intensive Protection Zone, where a large population of Black and White Rhinoceros are successfully breeding. To spot one of these endangered creatures is truly humbling and the efforts going into their revival is inspiring. Beyond the rhinoceros, you can expect to see zebra, giraffe, warthog, waterbuck, baboons, monkey … the list goes on. And if you look to the skies, you’ve got a fantastic chance of spotting black eagles. Yet another UNESCO wonderland.

Lerato Adventures – Rainbow of the Victoria Fall in Zimbabwe

Victoria falls

Victoria Falls or «the smoke that thunders» is a famed must-see on any visit to Southern Africa. A waterfall of truly epic proportions, remains one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world to this day. Whatever time of year you see the Falls, there’s no doubt you will be awe-struck by the sheer size of the Victoria Falls. The wonderful small town with the same name is great for exploring the area, offering travellers an incredible experience. From the breath-taking falls to the historical buildings and local food it is a truly immersive and rememberable experience. Victoria Falls is an adventure lover's dream, from bungee jumping off the bridge to helicopter flights and white-water rafting – there isn't much you can't do in Victoria Falls.

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