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A guide to Exploring the Untamed Wilderness of Zambia

Updated: Jul 2

Zambia is an unspoiled jewel in the heart of Africa, it offers some of the most authentic and thrilling safari experiences on the continent. Zambia's large expanses of diverse ecosystems and rich biodiversity provide an unforgettable adventure for any wildlife enthusiast. Here's a comprehensive guide to safaris in this wild country. Why Choose Zambia?

Zambia is home to some of Africa's top national parks, teaming with wildlife and offering a variety of different safari experiences from walking in the wild, boat cruises on mighty rivers and 4x4 safaris in open vehicles. Unlike more touristic safari destinations, Zambia providdes a raw and exclusive encounter with nature. The key highlights include: Pristine Wilderness: Many of Zambia's national parks remain largely untouched by mass tourism, ensuring a more intimate and less crowded exxperience. Abundant Wildlife: The country boasts a rich variety of wildlife, including the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino, although rhino may be hard to find), as well as rare and endemic, to near-endemic, species of birds and mammals. Diverse Ecosystems: From vast open Savannas and lush wetlands to dense Miombo forests and mighty rivers, Zambia boasts a multitude of habitat types and species.

Lerato Adventures – Leopard

Top National Parks in Zambia

  1. South Luangwa National Park Known or its high density of wildlife, and one of the highest densities o leopards on the continent, South Luangwa is a premier safari destination. This park is actually the birthplace of walking safaris, which offer a unique opportunity to explore the bush on foot, where ones senses are turned on and tuned into the wild, guided by expert trackers.

  2. Lower Zambezi National Park Nestled along the Zambezi River, this park features breathtaking scenery with dramatic escarpments, lush floodplains, and abundant wildlife along one of the mightiest rivers on the continent. The Zambezi River allows for enchanting canoe and boat safaris, giving a different perspective on wildlife viewing.

  3. Kafue National Park As one of Africa's largest national parks, Kafue offers large expanses of untamed wilderness with diverse habitats ranging rom miombo woodlands to expansive wetlands. The park is a birdwatcher's paradise with over 500 recorded species, includeding rarities such as Pel's fishing owl, African finfoot, Black-cheeked lovebird, Böhm's bee-eater, Narina trogon and Racket-tailed roller.

Unique Safari Experiences in Zambia

Night Drives: Unlike many other safari destinations, Zambia allows night drives, giving visitors the chance to see nocturnal animals like aardvark, porcupines and civets. Cultural Tours: Many safari lodges and camps offer cultural tours to nearby villages, providing insights into the local traditions and way of life. Seasonal Variations: Each season in Zambia brings its own unique safari experience. The dry season (May to October) is ideal for game viewing as animals congregate around water sources, while the wet season (November to April) transforms the landscape into a lush paradise and is perfect for birdwatching. Tips for an Unforgettable Safari Choose the Right Time: Plan your visit based on the wildlife you wish to see and the type of experience you want. The dry season is best for general wildlife viewing, while the wet season is great for birding and lush green landscapes. Pack Accordingly: Bring neutral-colored clothing, a good pair of binoculars, a camera with a zoom lens, and appropriate sun protection. Stay Safe: Always follow the guidance of your safari guide, maintain a safe distance from wildlife, and never leave your vehicle during game drives unless instructed. Conservation Efforts Zambia's commitment to conservation is evident in its well-managed parks and numerous community-based initiatives. Many lodges and camps actively support local conservation projects and sustainable tourism practices, ensuring that your visit contributes to the preservation of this incredible wilderness.

African Wild Dog
Lerato Adventures – African Wild Dog

Make it Happen with Lerato Adventures Planning a safari can be overwhelming, but Lerato Adventures is here to make your dream safari in Zambian a reality. With their expert knowledge and personalized service, Lerato Adventures offers tailor-made safaris that cater to your specific interests and preferences. Whether you're looking for a luxury lodge experience, an adventurous walking safari, or a combination of various activities, Lerato Adventures will ensure every detail is perfect. From arranging accommodation to organizing guided tours and cultural visits, they take care of everything, so you can focus on enjoying the adventure of a lifetime. Conclusion A safari in Zambia is not just a trip; it’s an expedition into the wild heart of Africa. Whether you’re walking through the bush, gliding down the Zambezi River, or watching the sunset over the savanna, Zambia offers a safari experience that is both profound and exhilarating. Pack your bags, charge your camera, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime in one of Africa’s last great wilderness areas. And remember, with Lerato Adventures by your side, your perfect safari in Zambian is just a phone call away.



Lerato Adventures Safari Guide Julien Biget
Lerato Adventures – Safari Guide Julien Biget

Julien is French and Scottish, born in 1988 in Nairobi Kenya.

He's a professional Nature Guide and Trails Guide speaking both French and English. He has been lucky enough to have worked in some of the most amazing destinations Africa has to offer, from East Africa to Southern Africa, as well as some time in Central Africa.

From a very young age he knew he needed to work with animals, big or small, and somewhere in nature. He was always picking creatures up and trying to see the world from their perspective, trying to understand them as much as possible, mesmerised by their shapes and colours. He liked to share this passion with everyone around, always trying to get them involved in his discoveries. Nature is all around us, in Europe, Asia or Africa, all we have to do is realise it.

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