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Discover the Avian Wonders of a Bird Safari in Africa

Africa is renowned for its vast landscapes and abundant wildlife. With a total of eleven different biomes (broad habitat types), ranging from true deserts to tropical rainforests and everything in between, it offers an extraordinary experience for bird enthusiasts. A bird safari in African unveils a world of vibrant plumage, melodic songs, and unique avian behaviours found nowhere else on earth. With birds of all shapes and sizes, from the worlds largest and the worlds heaviest flying bird, to the small and brightly coloured sunbirds flying around flowers across the continent, to owls and raptors of all sizes, shapes and colours soaring the skies above. This continent has it all, with a total of over 2400 different bird species, there is one out there to catch the attention of anyone and everyone. In this blog we will look at some countries in more detail and what the highlights for a bird safari in each will be like.

Photo by Ignacio Florido from Pexels:
Lerato Adventures - Bateleur

The Enchantment of a Bird Safari

A bird safari is not just about observing birds; it's about immersing yourself in the pristine natural environments that these birds inhabit. The search for small avian friends will take into all types of different habitats, putting you into these areas will undoubtedly reveal other beauties as well, from captivating scenery, to lurking predators and peaceful giants in between, there will be surprises all around. As dawn breaks, the morning chorus of singing birds begins, a prelude to the adventure that lies ahead. Mesmerising, captivating and hypnotising your spirit, you awaken into the natural world of Africa. The chorus of birds will follow you throughout the day. With a finally of energy as the evening chorus begins, lulling you into a calm peaceful state, where rest and tranquillity will prevail. Immerse yourself in the adventure of a lifetime, led by and directed by birds.
Lerato Adventures - Variable Sunbird

Best Time to Visit While birdwatching in Africa can be enjoyed year-round, the best time is during the northern hemisphere winter season from November to April. During this period, migratory birds from Europe and Asia escape the cold and join the local bird populations, creating a vibrant and diverse avian spectacle.

Photo by Frans van Heerden from Pexels:
Lerato Adventures - Kori Bustard

Tips or a Successful Bird Safari Hire an Experienced Guide: An experienced bird guide can significantly enhance your bird safari experience. They have an in-depth knowledge of bird calls, behaviours, and habitats, increasing your chances of spotting rare species. Capable of identifying a bird from a split-second sight through the branches of a bush 100 meters away, or the faintest of calls in the distance. They will know the areas they operate in and take you through as many hotspots as possible. They will be able to read the birds behaviour and predict what other hidden treasures remain unseen. Bring the Right Equipment: A good pair of binoculars and a field guide to African birds are essential. For binocular specifications we would recommend a minimum of 10x40, with a ten times magnification and a 40degree field of view. A camera with a zoom lens will help you capture the beautiful birds you encounter. Some comfortable closed walking shoes and plain coloured clothing can help keep you hidden within the environment.
Lerato Adventures - African Scops Owl

Be Patient and Quiet: Birds are often wary of human presence. Patience and silence are key to getting good views of these fascinating creatures. Be prepared to spend long hours sitting and waiting for the right moment. Allow yourself to drift away and pay attention to the slightest rustle in the bush, or the quick flash of bright colours in the corner of your eye. Respect the Wildlife: Maintain a safe distance from birds and their nests. Avoid disturbing their natural behaviours. Take a photo from a distance before attempting to get closer. Then take a step at a time, remember the distance at which you can get is entirely up to the bird (or animal) you are viewing. Do not rush the approach, and you will be rewarded. A bird safari is an unforgettable journey into the heart of Africa. From the desert sands of the Namib in Namibia to the lush forests and high-altitude grasslands of the Arc Mountains in Tanzania you have it all. From desert and arid environment specialists to high-altitude flyers who almost never set foot on the ground. The myriad of bird to be found will captivate you for a lifetime.

So grab your binoculars and set out on the safari of a life time in search of our feathered friends with Lerato Adventures.
Lerato Adventures - Common Ostrich

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